15 Apr

ICF Latvia iesaka. A workshop for men and women

Relationship and Trauma. A workshop for men and women

Exploring the Art, Adventure and Mystery of Relationship

Mutual respect is the secret of a satisfying relationship!”

Everybody is searching for happy relationships. Unfortunately the path to satisfying relationships is paved with the landmines of past traumatic events of your personal life, the past of your family of origin way back into the generations and the past of your nation or ethnic group. And it is shadowed by the disrespect of the other gender, which is generated by the aftermath of those traumatic events.

Your satisfaction in relationships can also be reduced by religious beliefs which leave no room for love by placing disrespect of the other gender in your heart. This may also have influenced the life of your ancestors in a negative way which still is radiating in present times.

In this exciting workshop men and women find an atmosphere of mutual respect. You have the opportunity to explore connections between your personal and familial destinies and the larger forces like non-personal conflicts such as race-, class-, religious, civil or international wars that may have shaped your experiences as a man or a woman in your relationship patterns and capacity for intimacy.

In order to release the burdens of the past, Karl-Heinz and Anngwyn offer the benefit of their combined expertise within an innovative combination of trauma and systemic constellation work designed to address the overt and covert causes of pain, conflict and misunderstandings between men and women.

While we are often referred to as “opposite genders”, men and women are in reality two aspects of our collective soul. If we understand this hidden reality, we can honor this mystery, and find ways to reconcile our real and imagined differences to open new paths toward good and lasting solutions. Emphasis will vary according to the needs of individual participants.