14 Oct

Process Skills Training with Mary Inglis January 23-27, 2017

This training in process facilitation is designed for people already active as coaches, counsellors, consultants, mentors and facilitators. Participants can expect to learn principles, practices and processes to integrate into their own work.

This approach is not aimed at supporting people to align with an image of a psychologically or spiritually healthy person – rather, it encourages alignment with each person’s own inherent energetic patterning, their own self-organising principle.


Participants will work with ways of supporting themselves and others to connect with this inherent self-organising patterning, and to engage with the path of personal calling, as well as with the calling of the world and of our times.

This training uses an experiential approach, which includes peer coaching exercises, inner work tools, relationship work and facilitation processes, as well as theoretical presentations and discussion. In the training more non-linear and less conventional methods of working will be used – drawing, movement, symbols, story, sound. These help to access different ways of knowing and bring us different kinds of information than just thinking. There will be thinking as well, of course – working with both sides of the brain, and engaging the logical, emotional, metaphorical, subtle and self-organising aspects of ourselves and of growth and incarnational processes.

Participants can expect to deepen their own innate facilitation and leadership style, and to expand counselling and coaching abilities, as well as to connect with the values that underpin their calling to this work.

This training draws on approaches from Incarnational Spirituality and Process Oriented Psychology, as well as the work and experience of the Findhorn Community and the Transformation Game®.

To whom it might be interesting? Anyone working with people as a coach, counsellor, consultant, trainer, mentor or facilitator.

Why it might be useful? Expand your coaching, counseling and facilitation skills and style. Learn new approaches to integrate into your work. Explore a ‘designer’ approach to psychology and spirituality – supporting people to live close to their own inherent patterning, allowing the expression of their full self to emerge.

What the training is based on and what does it include?

It draws on approaches from Process Oriented Psychology, transpersonal psychologies and Incarnational Spirituality.

It is an experiential approach which includes peer coaching experiences, inner work tools, relationship work and facilitation processes, as well as theoretical presentations and discussion.

It uses drawing, movement, symbols, story, and sound to help access different ways of knowing and different kinds of information than just thinking.

It works with both sides of the brain, engaging the logical, emotional, metaphorical, subtle and self-organizing aspects of ourselves and of growth and incarnational processes.

This is a hands-on training from the inside out, in that you will be participating in the exercises and processes, as well as coaching and facilitating others through them.

What will be learned? A way of working with the self as a whole system or field phenomenon with different and co-existing dimensions and parts. A systemic approach that supports people to recognize and access different aspects of themselves and bring them into relationship in a way that enhances their experience of coherence and wholeness.

Training Dates: January 23- 27, 2017
Place: Riga, Latvia, Str.Antonijas 20b (Premises of Riga Coaching School)
Language: English with Latvian translation
Organiser: ICF Latvia

Training participants will receive CCEU
The following coaching competences shall be developed:

  • Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client,
  • Coaching Presence, Active Listening,
  • Powerful Questioning, Direct Communication

Training Costs: 460 Euro for 5 days training (410 Euro for ICF members)
Payment options: first installment – 240 Euro by December 15, 2016, remaining amount until the beginning of the training.
Registration ends: January 9, 2017

Additional information about training, phone: 371-29121884   or email: intasanta@gmail.com

InglisTrainer: Mary Inglis (In/mary-inglis-14bb677>>>) is an independent trainer, facilitator and coach who works internationally with courses and trainings in personal and group development, leadership, creativity, and transformational change processes. The core of her work is to do with exploring capacities for wholeness within ourselves and in relation to the world around us, and with engaging with the path of our personal calling, as well as the calling of the world and our times. Her work encourages people to connect with their own authentic presence, journey and contribution, and to engage with their own generative core and potential.

Born in Scotland, Mary grew up in Nigeria and Lesotho, and went to school and university in South Africa, where she worked as a journalist as well as training in experiential educational approaches. For the last 40 years she has lived at the Findhorn Community in Scotland, where she is a long-term faculty member of the Findhorn Foundation. The Findhorn Community is a holistic and spiritual educational centre exploring new approaches to spirituality and sustainability, as well as collaboration and partnership with all of earth’s ecologies, both physical and non-physical.

Mary is also managing director of the UK branch of InnerLinks Associates, which researches and develops Transformation Game products, programmes and trainings; these offer playful yet substantial approaches to exploring and transforming issues in life and work. Mary has been involved with the Transformation Game since its beginnings in 1976. Her work draws on her experience at the Findhorn Community and with the Transformation Game, as well with as a variety of other fields and inter-disciplinary approaches, including process oriented psychology and incarnational spirituality. She has designed, developed and facilitated some innovative programmes, processes and trainings, including several custom-made large group processes using the Transformation Game in conferences in the UK, Europe and Korea.