Inga Geka
Valdes locekle, Business and Life Balance Coach
+371 26347473
Business Coach
Life Balance Coach
Every day you start with a blank page in front of you – it is up to you, how to fill it. I am a believer in human strength and potential, and I know that sometimes it is a hard decision on how to proceed, what will be the right steps, how to motivate oneself and where to start. I am delighted to support people in this path of self development and self awareness. I am happy for clients, who have the courage to work with themselves and I am delighted to be their companion on the way to personal excellence.
My professional background is more than 10 years in Human Resource Management in Latvia, Russia and Europe.
I graduated Erickson Coaching International (Rīgas Koučinga Skola) in 2017. I have certificates from Workplace Coaching and High Performance Team Coaching and I am Erickson Professional Coach with certificate in The Art and Science of Coaching.
I am a member of International Coach Federation