Laura Kunstberga
Life and Business Coach
+371 20034147, Skype: laura.kunstberga
Life Coach
Business Coach
 If sky is the limit – how far will you reach?


I am a professional coach and I support my clients in achieving desired results both in their private and professional life.

I inspire my clients to take one step closer to their full potential by supporting them to:

  • define WHAT they want and set clear vision and goals
  • find the WHY and motivation within
  • determine realistic action steps and strategies HOW to achieve what they want
  • notice and raise awareness of positive changes and progress in their lives

I believe that anything is possible! Where there is a will – there is a way!


I hold certificate from Erickson Coaching International and am a member of International Coach Federation. I have completed Lifebook Online program from Mindvalley and other personal development programs. For Bachelor’s and Master’s I studied Communications & Public Relations and International Business, and have over 10 years work experience in international professional services firms, including law firm and financial advisory firm.


Apart from professional life I love traveling and being in nature, am interested in mindfulness, relationship psychology and human beings in general – their purpose, keys for happiness, lessons learned, success stories, and I am genially fascinated by magic of Universe.


First of all I am inspired by my own results and success – when I achieve something I wanted, it is really great feeling: “Hey, I am an author of my life!” Secondly, I am inspired by my client results – seeing how I can support others in their journeys towards professional growth, happier relationships or personal development – is truly amazing and keeps me going! Thirdly, I am inspired by success of other people who make an impact that matters in this world.

Contact information:

Laura Kunstberga
Life and Business coach
Phone: +371 20034147
Skype: laura.kunstberga