12 Apr

Where is my place?

Laimonis ZulgisAuthor: Laimonis Zuļģis.

Since we was born we are in the way, even before that we made a choice to born where we are in order to perceive our self in chosen way.

We can call it mission, destiny or use some other words depending we like to hear. This is something we are going to fulfill during a period of existence on this planet traveling from the born to the death…

And newer the less – there is a real dualistic world with a many inhabitants interacting between each other, observing each other and mostly judging everyone around (good / bad, smart / stupid, successful and not so many…) According to this we like every one finishing the school and starting to search – where we can earn more, what we like to do, what the parents and relatives are suggesting, what our friends are doing and so on and so on…

What should be my profession? Do I have a talent ? Do I want to work at all – and some times the true answer is No … And we afraid of this (what the others will think?), we do not want to see this “truths”. In reality we are the only one who know what we have to do – the problem is, most of us are thinking – the real job is what we start at 8 a.m. and finish at 5 p.m., close the door and go home. Is it what we are looking for?…

In some cases yes – we have to perceive that in order to get know – this is what I do not want to be. We need a contra – version in order to unidentified the right place and right way to perceive our self.

There can be a plenty of options guiding us towards the place we start our carrier… Usually behind that is pattern (leading pattern) we carry already from a childhood – for instance so called parentification, it means being a parent of our parents, it was a systemic force placed you in to that position because your parents was mentally absent for a reason and you as a child already was responsible for managing a family system… and as an adult you are very successful teacher, manager or project leader.

Your parents safer from a kind of illness – and you feel a duty to be a successful medical doctor…

You never had enough material resources in a family and you became a millionaire or opposite pattern is taken over feeling what means you associate with some one guilt or duty from the past in the family line and you can not allow your self to be successful – even you are very talented in any field.

You start again and again a different projects, it seams running well and suddenly you give up and ending exactly in the same place you started. Consciously you have no idea what is going on?

And that is only a system – phenomenological approach and the way of thinking, being able to explain that and able to offer this for acknowledgment….

It means behind every our sought, behind every movement is a reason why we behave or act like this and that is not a question about right or bed – that is just understanding, acknowledgment, acceptance, forgiving or honoring if necessary and keeping in mind.

Doing like this we are on correct way to the truth or correct way to experience ourself in the best way we can. It means following this our soughts (electro magnetic vibrations) are available for an outside world and accordingly every one around us is behaving differently.

Usually this is much more about the feelings and not so many about mind constructions. You simply behave like you feel because deep inside in your middle brain ( in your soul ) you have everything you need and all necessary resources to realize any plans you really want and to meet a love in your way and to find a success what ever you do.

To love, to be successful – that is the only we all need, is’t it ?

Everything I mention above is a tray to drew your attention how to get familiar with your self, how to be brave enough to follow the inner voice (where ever it comes from) to trust your self and to find a correct place where you have to be exactly at that time what we are talking about.

And please remember – that always will be a way, newer ending searching and development, a lot of mistakes and faults, a lot of surprises and a lot of love.

And that is a beauty – to be in the way, because alive system is always moving, the life always is producing a life from beginning till the end.

When we follow those principles, it’s getting clare – it is not so important anymore what we do but much more important is how do we feel. If we are coherent with our self everything is running well and we are having and getting enough , we are in the balance , what is one of the most important systemical principles in the base of surviving.

Therefore the only we have do is to be our selfs , to be prepared step out of the our comfort zone , to trust and to believe what we do and experience our selfs in different places, different positions and do not be surprised where ever you will be taken by spirit mind or destiny.
Let’s start , towards emerging future!

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